PDO Threadlifts

Not everyone wants to undergo an invasive treatment for the sake of beauty, and the good news is, you don’t have to. PDO threadlifts offer a way to lift the skin at the same time that they activate the body’s natural healing properties. We are proud to offer our patients the opportunity to experience PDO threadlifts, a treatment designed to give you natural-looking results with no downtime.

What Are PDO Threadlifts?

A PDO Threadlift is a minimally invasive treatment that lifts up soft tissue and overlying skin through the insertion of surgical-grade threads below the skin’s surface. These threads are fully absorbable and dissolve over time, but once inserted into the skin, they help lift sagging skin and improve the appearance so that you look more revitalized.

These threads not only provide a unique way to treat aging, but they are completely safe. They’re made of a complex sugar polydioxanone, which has been labeled PDO for short. PDO sutures have been used in surgeries for years and are now used in aesthetic medicine.

Two Different Thread Types

There are two types of threads that come in many thicknesses and lengths to allow for customized treatments. Dr. Hanson will determine which threads we use based on your skin, your needs, and your goals.

  • Cogged threads are designed to lift skin and soft tissues, countering gravity.
  • Smooth threads help to build collagen under the skin, resulting in firmer skin and increased volume.

The Treatment Areas

Cogged threads offer immediate lifting of the sagging skin and soft tissues at your brows, cheeks, jawline, and neck. The smooth threads can further help iron out wrinkles in your skin, such as around the mouth and neck.

The face and neck are by far the most popular areas for PDO threadlifts. However, these threads can effectively tighten and lift skin on the arms, thighs, and abdomen, as well.

What Is A Treatment Like?

Typically (and only after your initial consultation), Dr. Hanson will analyze your face and neck and draw out the optimal vectors for lifting while you are sitting upright. Once finished, you will be in a comfortable reclined position for the rest of the procedure. Dr. Hanson will infuse a local anesthetic before placing the threads, and the entire procedure generally lasts between 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the areas being treated.

How Many Threads Will I Need?

The total number of threads used during treatment varies based on your goals, skin condition, and how many areas you want to treat. During your initial consultation, Dr. Hanson will confirm that you are a candidate for PDO threads and then create a treatment plan tailored to your needs. During this consultation, he can give you a better idea of how many threads will be used during your treatment.

Are the Threads Noticeable?

No, the threads are not visible.

When Will I Notice Results?

Depending on the type of threads used, you will likely notice lifting immediately after the procedure, with smoothing of the jawline or nasolabial folds and noticeably lifted cheeks. Collagen production takes time, however, and so the effect of smooth threads will take several months to fully appreciate.

What Is the Recovery Like?

You may have mild swelling that lasts several days and some tenderness in the areas of threads, but you can resume regular activities the next day. Bruising is typically minimal. Depending on the location of the cogged sutures, you may experience headaches for up to a week. We recommend avoiding strenuous activity and aggressive chewing for two weeks after treatment.

How Long Do Results Last?

Depending on the baseline health and condition of your skin, you can expect to have the results last up to a year. You may find the immediate gratification of PDO threadlift appealing and return to address other areas of your face and neck before the year’s end. There is also no contraindication to having more threads placed in areas that were treated previously.

Can You Combine PDO Threadlifts With Other Treatments?

When you choose this treatment, you can easily combine it with other anti-aging treatments. It combines well with cosmetic injectables such as neuromodulators and dermal fillers, or RF microneedling to improve your appearance and build on your results. Sometimes we might even recommend starting with certain other treatments to improve the health and quality of your skin before adding threads, depending on your goals and the condition of your skin. Of course, we will go over all of the options during your consultation.

Who Might Benefit From PDO Threadlift?

If you want to address sagging skin but are not ready for a surgical facelift, you will benefit from this minimally invasive, effective treatment. During your initial consultation, Dr. Hanson will help determine if this treatment is right for all of your needs. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.